• The benefits of watermelons and the rules for adhering to the watermelon diet: what conditions must be observed, adhere to this method of weight loss.
    17 August 2021
  • Description of the diet "table number 5p" for pancreatic pancreatitis - basic rules, list of prohibited and allowed foods, menus and recipes.
    25 July 2021
  • The diet is based on fluid intake. Is there at least some kind of food provided during the drinking regimen, or should everything entering the body be exclusively in liquid form? And how long can you keep drinking? And above all, what results does this weight loss system bring?
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  • What can and cannot be eaten during a gastritis diet: a variety of "gastric" tables. How to eat in an acute period, without exacerbation, if the acidity is increased and decreased. Sample menu.
    14 June 2021
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    24 May 2021
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  • Protein diet: essence, list of permitted foods and recommendations, existing programs, menu options (for 7 and 14 days, Ducan diet), recipes (chicken fillet with kefir, baked fish, spinach soup, baked beefaubergines), yoghurt dessert).
    10 January 2021
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    31 December 2020
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    16 August 2020
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  • How fast can you lose weight without harm to health. Many people think that rapid weight loss leads to a sharp increase in the kilograms after the completion of the diet, while slow, on the contrary, it helps to keep the weight off.
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  • The optimal diet for weight loss uses the following rule – in the consumption of food know this measure. We adhere to the consider diet
    3 March 2020
  • Diet Dyukana - one of the most popular and effective diets around the world. The main principle of the diet lies in the consumption of only protein food.
    5 January 2020
  • In the area of abdominal adipose layer formed quickly, and burned is more difficult than in other parts of the body. There are many effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides, but only regular exercise will help you to find beautiful forms, and get rid of excess fat.
    1 January 2020
  • It is known that rapid weight loss is for the body is not beneficial. This is the reason why it will be better if to the cherished goal to go gradually, small steps. Quick start is not a guarantee of an early end. Although stress is a cause of poor well-being, depression, and as a result - the collapse of the.
    22 November 2019