How to eat properly to lose weight

In the article are gathered simple tips on nutrition that will teach you how to eat properly to lose weight, the general council, the most common errors and mistakes.

Healthy weight loss

Why fat

Causes of overweight:

  • Alimentary (from lat. got the judge — food, nutrition) – this is what we get through the mouth. We are in 95% of cases is the problem of Needham.
  • Endocrine disorders occur in 3-4% of cases.
  • Various neurological disorders and other causes occur in the 1%.

In other words, in 95% of cases, the problem arises due to excessive energy coming in above our power.

Power inputs go two ways:

  • The basal metabolic rate. How much spends our body to be at rest (lying down, sitting, watching television) to support its activities. The amount of energy consumed individually. Counts: women 0.9 kcal/kg, male 1 kcal/kg body weight.
  • Physical activity.

When increasing the basal metabolic rate:

  • In the recruitment of muscle mass.
  • In stressful situations.
  • When increasing the temperature of the body and the surrounding environment (lovers of the spa).
  • During active growth.

That reduces the metabolism:

  • Age. Our task is to keep the metabolism at the expense of physical exertion.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Endocrine diseases.
  • Fasting is. All the starvation diets that exist.

The formula for calculating the value of the basal metabolic rate (SBI), where M — mass of the body:

When a person eats more than it spends, there is a surplus of calories. For example, eating the 200-300 calories very easily. They are in food, to which we apply both to eat.

Who believes that it is wrong to drink a glass of milk? It's the same 300 kcal of energy, that is, half a cheeseburger or a hamburger. Milk kefir — it is also food. Very often drunk in the evening a glass of yogurt believe dietary product. But if this cup goes above and beyond daily diet – it is too much calories.

Effective weight loss

Violation of the regime of power

Types of violation of the regime of power, which occur in 60% overweight people:

  • Food for the company. For example, a woman dinner in five hours. The husband came in nine hours. The woman behind the company to eat a second dinner.
  • Emotional "edible drink". Binding of stress, exchange of love on a tasty product. Sugar raises in our brain morphine zones, as well as drugs. The hand is, as with the drug addict and the alcoholic, it stretches to this joy. No need to read books, go to the theater, play sports, build relationships, find sources of joy. He took and ate. While you love each other, then the whole evening hate.
  • Restrictive disorders – "dietary depression". Occurs in people who sit on a diet, restrict yourself, go to sleep with thoughts about food. Such people can not stop, Dorval to the Goodies. In practice, it is agonizing, I'm trying to lose weight, eat cakes and scones. Is not produced the habit of proper food intake.
  • Paroxysmal violation. For example, "the night the priestess". Individual uncontrolled bout of overeating. Suddenly wanted to pounce on the food, and is no longer in power to stop.

On the night food: indicative point should be the average for the 3 hours before bedtime. This does not mean that if you go to sleep at one o'clock at night, you can to eat in 10 hours. It is necessary to start from that time, when the average person should go to sleep. It is 11 — 3 = 8. In the ideal case, it is the later food intake to 8 hours.

Everything in life is a far from ideal situation. It is necessary to look for compromises. For example, leaving loose calories on a glass of yogurt, something protein. Even when you are awake, your body is sleeping. Unplanned meals we give him a double burden, creates stress.

Being overweight leads to a large amount of problems.

You can often hear the sentence: "I have no money for food". The presence of excess weight requires much more money and investing in yourself — in the present and in the horizon of 10-20 years. All this against the background of psychological difficulties, reduced quality of life.

How to find out if it is overweight

The deadly quartet:

  • The circumference of the waist. In men more than 94 cm for women and more than 82 see
  • The level of glucose more than 5.5 mmol/l.
  • High body mass index
  • The level of pressure above 120/80 mm hg. century (135/85 in people in a decent age).
  • Cholesterol 5 mmol/l, Triglycerides over 1.7 mmol/l.

If at least one of the indicators updated, the risk of death increases to 10-15% over the next 10 years (and if all four, then up to 60%).

3 lung score when you can gauge yourself and understand, are overweight, or not.

  • The body mass index. BMI = Weight (kg) / Increase (m2).The ratio of the mass to growth in the second. Norm in 25 years, 25-30 – overweight, 30-35 obesity of I degree, 35-40 — obesity of II degree and expresses the obesity. But here's the downside — no account of body composition. The bodybuilder and the overweight people will have the same body mass index.
  • The ratio of waist circumference to growth. Waist circumference should not be more than half of the growth.
  • Waist circumference to the hip circumference. Waist is measured at 2 cm above the navel.

How much time is needed to maintain weight, to become your main and under it to modify the metabolism of the body.

If you are in 2-3 months to achieve the desired outcome (your goal was 5 kg) and relaxed, returned to the old way of life, then the weight comes back. It should be at least another 2-3 months to consolidate the success. On average, how sought by so many and it is necessary to secure the. Then the weight will seek the new norm.

How to lose weight at home

Main areas:

  • The right mental attitude and discipline. It is necessary to want to bring their weight back to normal.
  • Reduce the daily diet, which is at this point, 500-600 kcal.
  • To create the most balanced diet is protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  • Sufficient and adequate drinking regime.
  • Compliance with scheme and the rules of food intake.
  • Organize a competent detoxification of the body.
  • Support the nervous system.
  • Adequate physical activity and sleep.
  • Normalization of the endocrine balance. Especially for those who changes in the previous paragraphs to achieve a positive result.

Reduce calories

How you can reduce the caloric value of the diet:

  • Revise the content of calories, is some of the food that we eat. Choose more high-quality calories. It is better to eat an apple and not apple pie. Better nuts, rather than almonds. Smooth porridge rather than oatmeal for breakfast. Meat, no sausage. Water, no juices and soda. Eat the maximum useful products.
  • Stevia - sweetener
  • Diet muffin happen. Completely. Diet cake not gonna happen either. Even the right cake on the cheese — it is first and foremost a cake, not cottage cheese.
  • Replace 1 meal a cocktail to your taste.
  • Stevia as a substitute of sweets for those who can not give up sweet.

Vitamins and minerals for weight loss

Gotcha. While a reduction in calorie daily diet always decreases the supply of beneficial nutrients.

If anything to do with it, you get:

  • A bad state of health.
  • Lethargy.
  • Apathy.
  • A bad mood.
  • The reduction of metabolism.
  • The collapse of the.

It is very often felt by girls who are sitting on a diet. Sat should be on diet, on which it is possible to sit the whole life. Also it is necessary to enrich the diet with vitamins and minerals.

When you are choosing useful products, enriched the diet of all the building materials for the body — your cage ate a feeling of satiety, and do not send signals to the brain about being hungry. If it is missing at least something, the cell sends a signal. Then resist the temptation, it is very hard. "Eat something, anything! I miss vitamin a, vitamin group".

Nutrition should be complete. Pay special attention to the and minerals. In reducing the body weight often talks about proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and minerals – just rarely.

Vitamins and minerals for weight loss

There are several minerals, without which the slenderness is not possible:

  • Chrome. In 70% of overweight people it is not enough. Patients with diabetes in 80% of cases have a significant deficit of trace element. Chromium is responsible for the carbohydrates, such as exchange. The Deficit is one of the causes of the development of insulin resistance. Chromium contributes to the recasting of fat to carbohydrates, the combustion of fat. Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. Participates in the work of the muscles, which makes them stronger.
  • Iodine for maintenance of normal functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Calcium. Speeds up the metabolism. Improves the work of muscles, the nervous system and reduces cholesterol. It is part of the hormone calcitriol, which recycles fat into energy.

Get a daily dose of calcium, it is necessary to drink a liter of milk or a liter of yogurt, or eat 1 kg of cottage cheese a day. But whereas the caloric content of such product, we do not need more cups. Yes, and not too large-that a kilo of cottage cheese it is possible to eat each day.

Most of the calcium in the cheese, sesame, nuts. This is a very high-calorie foods and their limit of 30 g.

Without an additional source of calcium in the form of supplements to compensate the lack of calcium is almost impossible.

Drinking regime

How to drink water. Morning woke up, got up, drank an empty stomach 1-2 glasses of water. And it is better with chlorophyll, can be with lemon, can with juice of aloe. Then the glass of water before each meal. 5 meals – 1 liter already there. It is not advisable to drink water while eating and at least 40 minutes after, otherwise it reduces the efficiency of digestion and absorption of food.

What refers to the "water":

  • Water with lemon.
  • Water with calcium.
  • Decoctions and infusions of herbs.
  • Fruit drinks without sugar.
  • Green tea is the second and subsequent brews.

Coffee and black tea doesn't belong here.

A regime of proper nutrition

Shakes and protein products work great. But if there is a night, the result will not be. Important is the mode of food. Ideally 3 main meals and 2 snacks. Snacks helps to not overeat on basic cooking techniques. Recommendation: change the dinner with snacks. It's hours four days a dense meal, and dinner – a light meal.

Mandatory balanced breakfast with protein: oatmeal with an egg, a slice of cheese. How to eat to lose weight: tiny, regularly. Last meal no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Cleansing the body for weight loss

Not one of the metabolism is not triggered when a large amount of toxins in the body. Just that it gets rid of toxins, parasites, metabolites, will be possible to talk about the resumption of the excess weight.

The body is smart. If there is an overload of poisons, it does not allow you to plant the liver and kidneys because of the beauty and correctly done.

How to get rid of the extra pounds — it is the cleavage of the fatty tissue with a great release of the decay products. You need to view. The first output will be the liver. This is one of the reasons rebirth in fatty steatosis, if the liver prepare.

To ensure a regular chair. Target – twice a day. Help themselves to water, dietary fiber, if necessary – laxatives. If during the day your own chair should not, take 2 capsules a natural laxative at night.

Exercise for weight loss

Exercise for weight loss

Now fashion a panacea – gym, fitness-centers, a ride on the bike. It must be remembered that it is the right and effective physical exercise is not conducive to weight reduction. It gives the fit a muscle, but the weight on the exercise will not disappear. Only a competent combination of diet with physical training helps in this.

The big question is, help you reduce weight, physical exercise 2 times a week. It is needed every day.

Hiking, give up lifts and the rest — spontaneous daily activity. And if to it to add the fitness – it will all work out. If a person all day sitting in the office, take the elevator down to the car and goes to the gym 2 times a week, then this "physical burden" does not lead to health.

If there is no increase in physical activity of up to 10 thousand steps a day, just pay the fitness 2 times a week – health will not.

P. With. If you carefully perform all of the above recommendations of the dietician for the proper diet and lifestyle, but the weight stands on the site, we recommend you to pay attention to the endocrine system. Sometimes it is not enough just to eat properly and keep an adequate physical stress, how to get rid of excess kilograms. I want to add that no diet is a substitute for common sense. The problem of excess weight — it is a problem of lifestyle. And a change in lifestyle occupies far not one month. Therefore, it is not torture yourself, not ugostite in the frame, not to punish yourself for it, that from this Monday you began to lead a kind of ideal lifestyle.