How to lose weight fast: ten tips from a nutrition expert

To prevent errors when weight loss and achieve the desired result, it is worth it to turn for advice to the experts. Article — TOP 10 tips from the experts on nutrition, how to lose weight fast.


How to lose weight fast? Guidelines from the nutrition experts

To lose weight eats a lot and often it is wrong, to hear some of the tips of friends or acquaintances. It is better if in these matters help you will have a specialist.

Where to start right weight loss?

It is good when a person has motivation for weight loss – it significantly helps the process of weight loss. For the right start it is necessary:

  • know what kind of result you want to get in kilograms or centimeters;
  • combine weight loss methods with disabilities, peculiarities of the organism;
  • develop a plan of action and give a time frame.

Tips on proper nutrition for weight loss prescribe:

  • compliance with calorie foods no more than 2500 kcal per day;
  • the exclusion of a large amount of vegetable fats;
  • eliminate from the diet alcohol;
  • limit potatoes, oatmeal;
  • increase physical activity;
  • consumption of dairy products, natural juices;
  • introduction in the menu of vegetables;
  • the use of rye bread.

Useful products for weight loss

Some diet foods, nutritionists call it a super food due to the content in them an extraordinary amount of nutrients needed to boost our health. They saturate the body with energy and promote weight loss.



This low-calorie dietary product is saturated with food fibre and antioxidants.


In this product contains carbohydrates, which contribute to the formulation of a specific hormone – serotonin. He is responsible for the relaxation and helps to break down fats.


Yogurt is much more easily absorbed into your body than milk. It is rich in calcium and in vitamin B, strengthens the immunity, helps to get rid of the feeling of hunger, because regulates the level of sugar in the blood. In addition, yogurt reduces the risk of colon cancer.


Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and folic acid. This low calorie fruit can serve as a source of dietary fiber and relieve you from feeling hungry. If you want sweet, eat pomegranates, add it to salad helena drink the juice of pomegranate.


In this berry contains many antioxidants and fiber, so the feeling of satiety last longer.


This super product is rich in fiber and protein and contains stable (resistant) starch, which triggers the metabolism and helps to fight with overweight.


In salmon contains large amounts of protein — you feel the feeling of satiety, but not gain weight. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which means that it promotes the proper functioning of the heart and the production of insulin.

Green tea


When we are talking about, what products it is possible to lose weight, it is worth noting benefit of tea. 2-3 cups of green tea a day will help get rid of those extra pounds, and burn calories much faster due to the content in it of antioxidants.


Contains vitamins a, C and lycopene – a powerful antioxidant support, which helps the natural breakdown of fats.

Flax seed

Flax seeds – one of the best superfoods suitable for diets. Having in its composition of Omega-3 fatty acids and a large amount of fiber, and, therefore, contribute to the rapid saturation, and strengthen the psyche and physical health. Just one tablespoon of crushed seeds will bring huge benefits. Mix it with water helena add to salad, soups, sauces, scrambled helena cooked.


A study at John Hopkins university school of medicine found the following: replacement of red meat and mushrooms not only helps to reduce the number of calories, but also contributes to weight loss. For one serving of mushrooms is a 44 kcal, while in red meat content is increased by at least six times.

Spicy chili

It is shown that the drinking of hot chilli peppers with tomato sauce for half an hour before a meal will help you eat 10% less of the main meal! This is the reason why the sharp pepper is referred to as the super product of the year.


The American journal of clinical study conducted an experiment during which participants had to eat 57 grams of almonds, chewing it 10, 25 and even 40 times. In individuals was recorded a long-term feeling of satiety and a reduction in the total amount of fat.

Olive oil

Polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil, help fight hunger, and oleic acid promotes the breakdown of fat.

Cranberry juice

In addition to a large amount of antioxidants, cranberry juice can serve as an excellent diuretic and the output of excess fluid, i.e. the mass will decrease due to the reduction of fluid retention.



Grapefruit has a refreshing, juicy and sweet taste. Despite the fact that in one large fruit only 120 calories, you are a long time you will have the feeling of satiety.


Egg protein is ideal for breakfast. It is rich in protein and contains quite a few calories, only 17. Mix proteins with vegetables, for example, spinach and tomatoes and season the salsa.


If you are often experience the feeling of hunger, add to your diet pickles. He virtually no calories and prevents fluid retention in the body.

Cut it in thin slices and season with pepper, coarse salt and the juice of a lemon. High water content and low amounts of sodium make cucumber is super useful for health and allow you to add to the list of healthy nutrition.

The rejection of harmful food

  • Enemy no. 1 – alcohol. Say "no" regia, cocktails and sweet wine. It is not only useful for the figure drinks, but also unhealthy ingredients.
  • Than to replace the red dry wine.
  • The enemy №2 – flour and bakery products. Eat pasta and spaghetti, we're charging the body of gluten, which pollutes the body.
  • Than replace – products from whole grain flour.
  • Enemy no. 3 – the red meat. Regularly eat pork, we easily obtain kilogram per kilogram and we run the risk of getting an unpleasant disease.
  • Than replace – diet meat – chicken, rabbit.
  • Enemy no. 4 – butter. It is a powerful source of TRANS-fats and calories.
  • Than replace – olive, sesame, corn.
  • Enemy no. 5 – soda. Harmful to be and the juice in the package.
  • Than replace – juice, compote.
  • Enemy no. 6 – confectionery. All wants to lose weight give up the sweet and the right make – chocolate, cakes and pies are very calories.
  • Than replace – marshmallow, candy, marmalade, bitter chocolate.
  • Enemy no. 7 – fatty cheeses and dairy products. Surprisingly, but it is also harmful products in weight loss. The higher the rate of fat – by high-calorie product of the year.
  • Than replace – with low fat and lean analogues.
  • The enemy no. 8 – canned. Canned food accumulates salt, which causes metabolic disorders.
  • Enemy # 9 – smoked meats. If you see on the window of the tasty cold meats – think about it, that their not always properly treated. Sausages can damage health and lead to slow down the process of weight loss.
  • Enemy # 10 – fastfood. Regularly eat fast food, we strongly damage to itself. Therefore, the most harmful foods to lose weight – it burgers, hot dogs, pizza.

Exclude from the diet all harmful products, eat healthy food and lose weight properly.


The Role of water

Water — is an essential component of the diet, its participation is important for all metabolic processes, needed for the combustion of subcutaneous fat and increase metabolic rate. In the initial stages of weight loss, when it stabilizes blood sugar levels, possible headaches. Water is essential for the normal functioning of the brain and relieve headaches caused by hunger. Due to the smaller amount of food during the diets for weight correction are possible short-term constipation. Sufficient moisture saturation prevents constipation, normalizes the functioning of the entire digestive system and improve the irritant of the gastrointestinal tract. The international standards of nutrition, then determine the drinking regime for a person:

  • for women: 2000 ml of fluid a day,
  • for men: 2500 ml of fluids a day.

It is assumed that of this amount about 20% (400 ml for women and 500 ml for men) compensate for food sources of fluid, this means that you can bridge the lack of fluid food. In low calorie diets aimed at weight loss, a good rule of thumb would be to get up to 95% of this standard, the water from the vegetables helena to 87% of the fruit. A good supplement to the above will be adding in the daily diet at least one liquid dishes such as soups, this will increase the total intake into your body fluid. An individual standard is when the loss of extra pounds can be higher, especially, if you have a big overweight helena obesity is a serious. Yes, and in hot weather, you will need much more water (3.5 l). So watch for the standards, referred to us as the necessary minimum.

Fractional nutrition


Fractional food — it is frequent meals in small portions on the jumps. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner gets too big difference, which causes that a person without any time fill the small, but calorie snacks (cookies, chocolate, ice cream, chips, nuts). Consequently, with a daily calorie — cutting, scale — same thing. It is the whole system, in which each element works to make the body work properly. Despite the frequent meal, they eliminate overeating due to the small amount of servings, caloric which is calculated in advance and does not exceed the daily norm. Basic principles of fractional power:

  • frequency: 5-6 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dinner and sometimes just before bedtime);
  • small portions: the maximum size of 300 g, often recommend to measure the amount of food a handful of the palm of your hand;
  • according to the time: it is necessary on one and the same watch;
  • compliance with the principles of proper nutrition: eliminates harmful products, supports the maximum reduction of sugar and salt in the diet;
  • balanced menu: includes the appropriate ratio of the PFC, is not skewed into a kind of one side.

Small portions, getting into the stomach, faster to digest. It gives the clog the intestines, which sees to the normalization of digestion. So the fractional nutrition is used in therapeutic dietetics: it eliminates the diarrhea, bloating, heaviness, nausea, swelling. The size of the stomach, finally, becomes normal, the pangs of hunger will subside. Initially it is very hard to redo your schedule and work your body, under the new system, is the food. But after the transition the health and weight quickly normalize.

Diary of a proper nutrition

Nutritionists recommend their patients to lead a food diary. This is the motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Journal of power can be lead online, helena just in notepad. No matter what option you choose. They all have the following features:

  • goal setting;
  • a record of the daily diet;
  • record of physical activity;
  • drinking regime;
  • the calculation of body mass index and other parameters (for the evaluation of progress);
  • the pursuit of a proper diet, how to get rid of food waste.

Some internships are in trouble, do not know how to lead a food diary. Fill out a "statement" should be every day. Every morning should be honourable on an empty stomach, and record your weight. Every day it is necessary to enter all the eaten foods with calorie counting and physical activity. Many are beginning to plan their own menu with the pm. They say that it is so much more convenient to evaluate daily caloric. However, there is a small nuance: it is necessary to strictly stick to your plan. The warp shouldn't be. Therefore, some of the hours of the established ready-made food from the containers.

Fitness for weight loss

If the main goal – to lose weight, and not get a coin, fit the mold, the gym is not always convenient for the place. The more, if before that You have practiced the sport even at the level of the morning exercises at home, helena is at the same time lose weight on a diet with a low calorie diet. Diligently after exercise, want to eat well, and daily norm of calories can be exceeded. The exercises are divided into anaerobic and aerobic. Anaerobic – it is all strength exercises, it contributes to building muscle mass and increasing physical strength. Such exercises speed up the metabolism, so burning calories will continue for another day after the lesson, but they do have distressing effects on the heart, blood vessels, joints. Physically untrained people indulge in cardiovascular exercise without the previous accompaniment of a coach is undesirable and even dangerous. For a man who wants to be lean and not pumped like a bodybuilder, rod and dumbbells, squats and pushups can hardly pave the way to the goal.

Body wrap for weight loss

the procedure

Wraps are aimed at the conclusion of excess fluid, and breakdown fatty tissue, thanks to which the volume of ice on the eyes. Wrap can be prepared from scorching peppers, clay, coffee. Wrap weight loss at home:

  • Heat the body in the bathtub helena the shower. After steaming use a scrub and a sponge. So the components of the wraps faster diffuse into the lower layer and begins to breaks down fat.
  • It is further applied to the selected composition. It can be heat up to Z5 degrees (hot wrap) helena apply the mask room temperature (cold wrap).
  • B completion is to be wrapped with cling film. Just do a B—4 layer, which will not win the skin. When a strong pressure is violated blood circulation, the effect will be the opposite (adipose tissue begins to accumulate).
  • After the order to suppress the treated surfaces of the transparencies is to be changed to warm things. As an alternative – to lie down under a blanket. B complete rinse the body and apply the cream.