On scientific, whether the keto diet — the safest power system

Products on the keto dietThe world of mad on the keto diet. The essence is simple: the rejection of carbohydrates because of the slim figure. No consequences and limitations. This offer seems suspicious? Me — yes. Let's understand.

What is it?

Low-carb diet mask under the words "keto diet" or "ketogenic diet". Such a power system means a change in diet in favour of fat and protein. Carbohydrates — under the strict prohibition.

Here is the main source of energy are fats. Prefer unsaturated fat acids: walnuts nuts. A second source for the existence of the — proteins. In the menu there are meat products, seafood and eggs. Done! It remains to season the dish with vegetables.

How it works?

To get energy, the body burns glucose reserves. When we reduce the carbohydrate reserves, the body must look for other options. Turn on ketosis — the process by which to produce energy used fats. This is the task of the low-carb diet. What happens next? In the breakdown of fats arise ketones. In large quantities these chemicals poison the body. But more on that later.

Why is it necessary?

If you are embarking on a journey keto diet, then you can forget about the chocolate, bread and other carbohydrates of joy. Fruit — under the question. What you get in return?

Quick weight loss

Low-carb diet is suitable for those who want to lose weight in the here and now. Abstinence from sweet guarantees the loss of more than five kilograms per month. In addition, the keto diet is so arranged that you have encountered a wild hunger. Write exercise and be happy with the outcome.

Protection from disease

There are studies which reported that the keto diet relieves symptoms and effects of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and epilepsy. Unfortunately, research is not enough to make definite conclusions. You, however, do not forget that self-treatment is just worse?

Why is it not necessary?

Limits and consequences only happens in fairy tales. And the keto diet has its disadvantages.


Always have to sacrifice something, especially when you adjust the diet. As the body adapts to the new sources of energy, will have to put up with the apathy and problems with the bowel problems.

Nothing is shown

Scientists devote a lot of attention to the keto diet, but it is not enough. While some studies confirm, that such a power system can harm the body, if long to hold her. Forecasts are disappointing: increases the risk of muscular dystrophy and form kidney stones.

Acid poisoning

During the decomposition of fats to form acids (ketones). A condition in which the level of ketones is so high that it is able to poison the body is calledketoacidosis. It is true acid poisoning accelerating fast enough 24 hours. And here's the really take care about keto acidosis is a need for people with diabetes — here it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of ketones.

Here's the simple truth, which you certainly known: there is no simple universal diet that I would come to everyone. If you choose a keto diet, beware of how much you are already eating carbs, and try to read the reaction of the organism. I want the application to each of the diet write:"Please consult with your doctor".