6 exercises to lose weight at home

The result will be in a month

girl push up

Even if it is not possible to visit a gym, you can do gymnastics regularly at home and create a dream figure for the warm season. It is not necessary to buy exercise equipment: your own weight is sufficient.

Female physiology differs from male physiology, therefore a workout in which there are many repetitions and approaches will be more effective: in it the total load is gained by the amount of work, and not by its severity. We will show you how to make a circular program at home.

Why circular workouts are effective

Circular training aims to work the entire body and effectively burns calories. Exercises must be performed sequentially with a minimum rest time between elements, up to 25 seconds. A cycle or circle can include 4 to 8 exercises. Each should be done for a time or with the required number of repetitions. Relax between the circles.

My training scheme is suitable for both beginners and trained athletes; you just need to listen to your feelings and vary the number of turns. On average, you should do 4 to 6 laps per workout, two to three times a week.

Circuit training: training to burn fat

Exercise uses a large number of joints, ligaments and muscles, so more calories are burned. If you train at least three times a week, a general tone will appear within a month. It's best to track progress by measuring volumes at the waist, chest, and hips - the numbers on the scales may not change, but visually the progress will be noticeable. This is important to motivate you to keep practicing.

You can alternate exercises and replace them with new ones so that the workouts do not bore you. If resistance exercises are included in circuit training, the calorie consumption will be 30% more than that of strength training in the gym.

It is best to start with short sessions and gradually increase the number of circles. If you have quick results and burn out immediately, you may burn out and stop working out.

Before you start training, be sure to check with your doctor and find out if you have any restrictions on physical activity.

Circular training is very effective to burn fat

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Circuit training is aimed at working the main muscle groups, you only need a sports mat.


A series of exercises at the beginning aims to warm up the muscles and ligaments before physical activity. It allows you to train much more efficiently, avoid injuries and sprains.

Warm-up should include jumping rope, walking with knees raised, or running in place. Then you need to do joint gymnastics: rotation with hands, arms, shoulders, head, etc. Now you can stretch for 2-3 minutes; you should clasp your hands behind your back to stretch your shoulder joints, lean to the sides.

Finish the warm-up with the same cardio exercises as before, but at a faster pace. Then you should reestablish your breath, alternating deep inhalation and exhalation.

If there is no physical form, the warm-up can be reduced to 5 minutes.

Do squats

I recommend this exercise to exercise the muscles of the lower glutes.

We stand up, put the feet a little wider than the shoulders and turn the socks outwards. The knees should not go beyond the toes and the hands should be bent on the lock in front of you. Take a deep breath, squat.

You can carry an additional load: a dumbbell or kettlebell. The exercise should take 2-3 minutes.

You can do squats with additional weights, for example, take a dumbbell

Perform front lunges

girl performs front lunges

Exercise will help strengthen your inner thighs.

What muscles use front lunges? Unlike classic lunges, lunges allow you to additionally exercise your inner thigh and glutes.

For a front lunge to the side, you should stand straight and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Now we step to the side and begin to crouch down. Body weight is not completely transferred to one side, but is distributed evenly between both legs. We make sure that the body does not fall to the side and the knee does not exceed the tip of the foot.

Now you need to push with your lunge leg, take an extra step, and take the starting position. We repeat the actions: we perform a lunge in the other direction. The legs should be wide apart. The duration of frontal attacks is 2-3 minutes.

During exercise, you must be careful not to get out of breath.

Front lunges help strengthen the inner thighs.

Do push-ups


If you are in good physical shape, you can choose classic pushups. If it's too difficult for now, I recommend doing it on your knees.

You must take the correct starting position: the body forms a single line from the head without bending the lower back or lifting the pelvis. We place our palms exactly below the shoulder joints, place the elbows close to the body and do not separate them.

The body must come down. It is important to breathe correctly: we bend our arms when inhaling, we get up when exhaling. We do the exercise for 2 minutes.

When you do push-ups on your knees, the technique is the same: the body forms a straight line. It is necessary to control the position of the palms in relation to the shoulders.

During exercise, only the muscles and joints of the arms should work. The rest of the joints must be stable, that is, immobile during training.

If you exercise on a fitness mat, your knees won't hurt from the hard floor.

The results of regular circuit training will be noticeable in a month.

Become a "climber"

climbing exercise1

This exercise is also called "rock climber": alternately pull your knees toward your chest while lying down. It can be done in two versions. The first option is for trained athletes, at high speed, with imitation of running or climbing to the top of the bar. The second option, for beginners, is done at a slow pace.

We stand so that the palms are exactly below the shoulders, we stretch the stomach, it is necessary to tighten the pelvis so that the body forms a line, as if you were doing push-ups. The press must be taut to maintain the correct body position.

First, you must pull one leg with the knee to the chest, then put it back in place, then you must pull the other, imitating a run. We change legs quickly, pulling the right or left knee towards the chest. Exercise should be done for at least 2 minutes.

It is better to always keep your abs tight and drawn.

It can be difficult for a beginner to do this exercise at a high pace, so you should adjust the load according to your comfort.

Do a burpee

burpee exercise

This effective exercise uses the muscles of the trunk, shoulder girdle, arms, legs, and buttocks. Combine jump, plank and push-ups.

We stand up straight, we spread our feet at shoulder height. We put our hands on the ground and do a deep squat. Without lifting the palms off the ground, we jump, while the legs are stretched and you stand in the plank position. Make sure your palms are just below your shoulders and your body forms a straight line.

Now bend your elbows along your body and touch the ground with your chest. In this case, the body must remain level. We return to the plank position, with a jump we press our knees to our chest, then suddenly we jump with our arms raised. During the burpee, keep your back straight and look straight ahead. Do the exercise for 1-2 minutes.

During the burpee, you must monitor your well-being so that there is no dizziness.

If you feel sick or dizzy, stop burpee and replace it with another exercise in your training program.

Good for home workouts

Comfortable sports shoes are useful even for workouts at home. In some exercises, it will help to further absorb the impact load, and you can take a stable position while doing push-ups or planks.

I recommend buying a yoga or fitness mat. You can comfortably train with it regardless of where you choose, at home or outdoors. During intense exercise, the mat will absorb sweat from your palms and will not slip your hands.

Elastic expanders, weights, jump ropes, and other equipment will provide additional muscle tension. It will be possible to include new exercises in the training cycle, focusing on those muscles that you want to work more thoroughly.