Experience with the use of MultiSlim

Minus 20 kg with MultiSlim: my story, my experience with the use of

How I lose weight with MultiSlim photo to

Now on the internet very many stories about how people lost and in what ways. I also decided to share my story.

From the childhood I was the chubby kid all touched in the face and admired how pretty I am. But as time went on, and the parents continue to pamper me cakes, pastries, sweets.

When I went to school, above me, started laughing, that I'm fat, oily and so. I came home and cried. In the 7th grade, I started trying to lose weight: just haven't eaten anything, but then I started to feel sick and again I ate. Then she tried to run, but it made me even more annoyed. In the higher classes I began to explore what are the diets. From the parents support was not, they thought, that I growing body and eat it should be fine. But in order in their mind it a lot, and calories.

When my classmates started going on a date, I was sitting at home, because they walk not with whom. My life was such: the school - hell, house, food.

And here is my patience ran out, when I decided it was high time to do something about it. I started to study the topic of weight loss for women forums and blogs. Read reviews who to lose weight:someone sitting on a diet, and someone on what it is a super dietary supplements. And here is one of these products was syrup for weight loss MultiSlim. I have this device and found that it is a powerful fatty tissue burner on a natural basis, which is also useful and has uncomplicated to use. From the reviews, I learned that the fat goes to the eyes and the volume is shrinking. And what is most important to its use was simple. Therefore, my doubts have fallen away, and so I decided to order it.

The first meeting with the MultiSlim

I ordered the syrup on the official website, in my even with a discount of -50%. The shipment I received over 5 days. In the package was a small tutorial: how to use it properly. Cool this syrup it is possible to combine with any drinks. I mixed it with yogurt and drank 2 times a day. Strictly follow the instructions.

The result MultiSlim photo after

I started to notice that after drinking yogurt with MultiSlim there I don't want to, stretches even to the sweet, so sweet I am very happy, especially cupcakes and cakes!

Already 5 day income, I feel lighter, look become better, even the teachers noticed. From this moment I began to follow the results. At the beginning I weighed 79 kg, his belly and thighs were huge.

My weight loss results on of the syrup MultiSlim

For the first 8 days I lost 5 kg! Even noticed how they left me! I just felt that the pants have become free.

For the second week minus 4 kg! The weight came gradually, but it is when I eat what she wanted. Then I began to pay attention to almost everybody said that I better become a look, the waist appeared.

3 – 4 weeks: negative for 4 of the units in the end for 4 weeks with 79 kg of I become a to weigh 62 kg! It is just incredible!

I finally become a to wear a skirt, to this shy only of its powerful legs. I stopped to be ashamed of her body, she began to walk to the party. To me began to pay attention to the boys. I'm still taking the syrup, to maintain weight and tension and not to eat, how much and when I want. Weight that I reached the stable.