Reviews MultiSlim

  • Lenka
    With age gained considerably in weight. Happened to worry about the pressure and emerged all the related diseases. Not energy long walk. Doctors recommend weight reduction. It's not sit on diets. Decided to try MultiSlim. After a 2-x weeks plus began to fall. Increased the tone. I still drink, because the medicine helps.
  • Jaroslav
    I am a fan of diet remedies. I'm trying to imagine all the news as it is from nature lazy and the food I love. So it is — syrup multislim I liked him more than everyone else. The taste is pleasant, the side effects of not and a weight loss of about 7 kg (without any diet)
  • František
    I'm sure the negative reviews j MultiSlim we believe that people will not follow the instructions of the application, or simply bought a fake. I Agree The Syrup MultiSlim in the course of 2 weeks. In that time I managed to get rid of 8 kg! I think it's a success, because previously it went months of intensified load and diet.
  • Lenka
    Since my childhood I'm fighting with extra pounds, diet, sport only temporarily helped, then the weight returned again. For comparison, in 25 years, at a height of 167 cm, I weighed 74 kg, and especially tortured boca. Syrup multislim he helped me a month to lose 9 pounds. It's a great result, lacked boca decreased abdomen and thighs. While weight is not refundable!
  • Marie
    For 2 weeks with syrup MultiSlim I lost weight on 7 kg! Do not stop to rejoice, still, still and the dance went. It's okay that he doesn't feel like snacking candy, pancakes — enough for breakfast, lunch, dinner!
Reviews MultiSlim